Thursday, August 6, 2015

U2 - Classic Rock?! 'In the Name of Love'

I was listening to a classic rock station the other day. And they were playing great bands like Bad Company, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2.... WAIT, WHAT?! When did U2 become classic rock!? What "rock" have I been living under?!

I love U2, my friend Leighann LOOOOOOVED U2 in high school. (I wonder if I put enough O's in there haha.) So this song takes me back to hanging out with her. :) Riding 4 wheelers in the field. She even let me ride her horse Colonel (I'm pretty sure that was his name). Things that i am reminded of when I listen to U2 :) <3 But I digress, this is not "Classic rock!!" I am NOT old! I will not grow up, and you cant make me! :)

Honorable mention goes to Mysterious Ways!