Sunday, October 2, 2016

Echo and the Bunnymen - People Are Strange

OMG! Its fall YALL!! and only 12 days until I see Echo and the Bunnymen in Concert! <3 YAAAY! 

This girl is excited as that is a bucket list entry for me I never thought Id get to check off. They don't tour often. And since its fall, and Halloween is almost here, and all things creepy are now in season, I'm posting People Are Strange. The Echo version. Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE The Doors. But there is something about Echo and the Bunnymen and this song, and The Lost Boys movie... and and and. 

I just love it. The video is grainy. But the sound is badassery (my word.. dont even try to steal it lol).

 The funny thing about my love for Echo and the Bunnymen is that I started listening to them in high school. My friend Sharon showed me their self titled LP. I fell in love, and for YEARS (meaning until just last week, that was really the only Echo album I EVER listened too.

So when we got tickets a few months ago, I got to wondering what they were going to play when we see them in concert. When I looked at their setlist I realized I was in a little bit of trouble! as they don't really play much music from that LP (LOL!) So I used the setlist to devise a playlist, and now I realize that I love even MORE of their music now than I did back then <3. Takes me a while to catch up! lol! 

According to their setlist for this tour, they aren't doing this song. Which is not going to sit well with my hubby. As he loves this one. DOH!

* Goes off to watch Lost Boys, to the horror of her impressionable 9 year old* hahahaha!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty

Ohh the feelz. They are sooo big with this one.

I used to listen to this cd to pass the time while driving to Northern VA to visit someone. The who's and why's of that part of the story aren't terribly important. That person isn't so much a part of my life now. Lets just say High School Sweetheart and leave it at that. But this CD always takes me back to those drives. The trees on 95 North. When listening to this album even today I can still see every exit ramp in my mind. Passing Kings Dominion, Fredericksburg, and the anticipation of my destination, or even leaving and going home. 

I loved making that trip, I still to this day miss the trees that line the highways in Virginia, especially in the fall. In San Antonio, you see every thing off the highways, because there aren't any trees to block it. The trees here don't grow tall like in Virginia.

My sister in law, who is from San Antonio, couldn't believe the tall trees the first time she got off the plane in Va. It was dark but you could still see them. Its so cool to see something like that through someone else's eyes the first time they see it. She was in awe. 

So, Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever. I love almost every single song on the lp but like 1 or 2. And those are so tolerable that I'm not sure why I mention it lol. Favorites though are:

Free Fallin

Running Down a Dream

Yer so Bad

I Won't Back Down

Zombie Zoo

And ok that is a lot of songs to be favorite! So, now you see why I loved this whole cd. I also love the track on the cd that says, "Hello, CD listeners. We've come to the point in this album where those listening on cassettes or records will have to stand up, or sit down and turn over the record or tape. In fairness to those listeners, we'll now take a few seconds before we begin side two.

Thank you. Here's side two."

LOL! Thank you Tom Petty, love your sense of humor! <3

Friday, September 23, 2016

Jethro Tull - Ian Anderson - My Hero - Thick as a Brick

So last night my kiddo saw a piece of sheet music sitting on our piano. Pachabel's Cannon in D. He asked me if I knew how to play it on the piano, and I don't. I never was able to pick up the piano. though I wish I could have. But I told him I could play it on Flute. Which he of course wanted me to do right then (you know how everything is way more interesting at bed time :D  ). So I went and got my flute and played a bit of it for him. I haven't played in a few years seriously. But I can still play. When I pick it up it feels like an old best friend in my hands. Probably the worst of it is remembering to cover the holes in the open keys and not have lazy fingers.

Kiddo is interested in flute. I told him to learn to blow air over a Coca Cola bottle and then we can talk. That was how my first Band Teacher, Mr. Nelson Lawson, weeded out the seriously interested from the ones who weren't going to work hard. Saved some parents a lot of money too. Don't even get an instrument until we mastered this task.

Taking the Gemeinhardt out last night really took me back to playing by ear in my parents living room to the albums that had rock artists with flute instrumentation on them. Heart, The Beatles, Jethro Tull. This was a favorite past time of mine. I felt more comfortable playing by ear, still do. I can read music but its not my strong suit and especially not sight reading. I need to hear it as I read it, at least once, and then I have no problems.

I remember once, my friend and I (all names omitted to protect the guilty! hehe) really wanted to get into area band. but I knew I would never be able to  ace the sight reading piece, so I needed to nail the rehearsed piece to even have a chance.  So, my friend and I took the rehearsed piece to a lady around the corner from me who was an accomplished flutist, and had her play it while we recorded her. We ran gleefully back to my house with our tape recorder and played it over and over and read along until we had it PERFECTLY! I don't even remember what seats we got but all i do remember is that we chaired! It was one of my first experiences in a big band (the other being the Olympic trials I posted about). Chairing was thrilling. And I couldn't believe my little scheme with the tape recorder worked. I don't really know if that's cheating or not.

That brings me to my original reason for posting. Jethro Tull. Ian Anderson. My hero lol. One of my all time favorite songs to play, Thick as a Brick. The flute solo is easy going and lilting. Not like Aqualung. I cant talk and play at the same time hahahaha! Aspirations I guess lol!

When I was playing Pachabel for my kiddo I thought of this song for some reason, and knew I needed to come and listen to it. So while listening I thought I would also post.

Jethro Tull <3 The amazing showman Ian Anderson - 'Thick as a brick'

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


So I got into a "discussion" this past weekend about Vinyl. Yes 33 45 78.

I made the statement that I love vinyl. and was told that I was insane, Vinyl sucks. Fine that is your prerogative. I shut my mouth and thought about it and decided to read up a little.

There are several reasons that Vinyl has so much appeal to me

That was the very first way that I heard music. As I have said here before, my very earliest childhood memories are of my Mom putting records on a record player and singing along to the songs for me. And me singing too.  I did happen to see a few 8 track cassettes in my early years, but that was never really prevalent in our home that i remember.

Most of the records that my folks would play were well seasoned. Meaning they had that pop and hiss. Which to me sounds genuine. Lots of people complain about that sound. But many artists add it back into their digital music because of the feel it gives music. And the digitally added scratch does not sound as good as the records that got it honest. Just saying.

I love owning my music. Now while yes one can do that with a cd, it doesnt store as neatly as a crate full of albums, nor is the artwork in a cd jewel case ever really as appreciated as when its wrapped around vinyl.

OK so now had i said those things to the people who were chiding me about my personal choices they would be laughing at me by now. I ripped my cd's long ago, and threw them into binders or in the trash, depending on whether they were worthy of keeping or not. But the thing about the record subscription companies that really burn me up is that while you are paying 10 bucks a month (and sometimes more), You are never really getting anything for it. Most people don't care about that anymore. As I said earlier, I like owning my music. Today's artists will tell you that you don't "own" anything. That you get the privilege of listening to the music but it belongs to them. Intellectual property, etc. and while I get that, there is nothing tangible to listening to music from a service. If you quit that service, all those months of money you paid into it you have gained nothing. Other than the ability to listen for those months. (See my blog post on fighting with Zune Music (now Microsoft something or another.) I would pay them 13 or 14 a month and get 10 downloaded songs for free. Until I wasn't anymore and didn't even realize it.

Does all of that make me old school? That I love owning my music in some form? I'm not saying it would have to be vinyl, or cd, or digital... But something to show for the money that I put into it. And lets not forget that today's music industry has turned into a single market. Meaning, people hear singles but never grasp the larger artistry behind the entire album it was a part of.

Case in point. Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever. This album in its entirety flows from first song to last. There are many albums like that. The Cure, Enigma, too many to name really. They tell a story. Prince was a huge proponent of this message. When he created an album there was always a story and flow to it. Listening to it from beginning to end is listening to a story.

Not many people care about this anymore. The music industry has changed. Some good some not so good. But change, it will come.

I still love vinyl. These days I don't have any. But that Boston album I talked about in a previous post. Even when I listen to it digitally, I still hear the pops and hisses, even though they aren't there. To me there is magic in the needle hitting the record. That sound right before the music comes in.

Space Oddity - David Bowie Recorded from Vinyl:

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sweet Virginia Breeze - Robbin Thompson and Steve Bassett

This is probably my favorite song ever ever ever. Every spring this song would be all over the radio. And I can remember riding around with the windows down for many springtime's with this song coming out of my radio, enjoying that "Sweet Virginia Breeze".

 I hear this song and I think of Dogwoods in bloom all over the place, Driving over those bridges on the James, the sun smiling down, not that hot sun in the summer, but that sun in the early spring that just kisses your skin and makes you smile that the cold weather just left. Riding bikes with my friends over on Germain Road. And even those tall trees off of Spring Run drive.

These days I blast this song in my car in San Antonio, Texas. Makes me feel somewhat closer to home. A long time ago I emailed Robbin Thompson and told him that I loved to play his song as loud as possible in Texas, his response was that I wasn't alone, many others had told him the same. And not just those of us that were living in Texas.

Robbin Thompson is no longer with us. He passed away in 2015 after a long battle with Cancer. He was very active on Facebook with his fans, and he loved knowing how many people loved this song and all of his other songs too. He had a long career as a musician starting off notably with Bruce Springsteen, and they were still good friends to the end. Bruce would have him come up on stage for shows.

Co-writer Steve Bassett is still around. They both were so proud of this song.  There is a website out there, they sell t-shirts and other things all Sweet Virginia Breeze. I need to get that license plate cover myself! ;)

Sweet Virginia Breeze is now rightly the Official Popular State Song of Virginia. This was a looong fight coming, as the old State song 'Carry Me Back to old Virginny' was considered outdated and also controversial. Many felt that this song should have replaced Carry Me Back a LONG time ago. The change was instated in 2015 by unanimous vote. I hope Robbin was happy about that. <3

Its not spring. But I love it anyways!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Heart - Dreamboat Annie

Yesterday I talked about Rindy Ross and her Sax.

Today I think I will talk about Ann Wilson, and her flute!!!!

In my Momma's crate of vinyl was the Heart Dreamboat Annie Album.

The album in its entirety is beautiful. There isn't a single song that I like more than another. They flow into and out of each other. I can remember thinking as a kid how cool it was that they did that, running one into the next instead of a definite end as most songs do. I didnt pick up on her incorporating flute into her music until later. Once I really got into it. Again, I love artists who include real instruments in their music. Not just a synthesizer. It adds more depth. There is something to be said for real instrumentation. Sit in the middle of a band or orchestra and you can actually FEEL it. It is amazing.

In high school i was in a very small band. We were close. But I will never forget the first time I sat a REAL band. I believe it was over 100 pieces. Brass and woodwind. It was for Olympic Boxing matches that were happening in Richmond. Only 2 from our band were selected to go, Myself and Rhonda, to play in this group. We had to be in full marching gear, even though we did not march. and it was 2 from all schools in the area so it made quite a large band. We played several Sousa marches and I believe the theme from Rocky. The very first note played by one and all, I lost it. seriously! I had never been in that large a group and felt that buzz, that vibration. Truly an experience, but I have veered totally off of my original commentary. (Including a picture of a warm up from that event that was featured in the paper... as its something I wont ever forget!)

Ann plays flute in 3 songs on this cd. Tracks 3 (Crazy on You) 8 (Sing Child) and 10 (Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)).

What I love most about Heart is their style. they can rock it out in one song and have a beautiful ballad the next. And have you SEEN their beautiful performance of Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven for the Kennedy Center Honors, honoring Led Zeppelin?! I will include it here in case you havent. It was absolutely magical.

So first Dreamboat Annie: The flute is at the end. Lovely song from start to finish.

And then if you have not seen it, or even if you have and just want to watch again. Heart honoring Led Zeppelin with Stairway to Heaven.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

When I was pretty young my Momma had a crate full of albums (vinyl). Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Pure Prairie League, Bad Company, Roxy Music, The Beatles, and this one, Quarterflash.

I loved listening to Rindy Ross play Saxaphone on 'Harden My Heart'. We would turn it up loud and it would always sound so awesome. When I started 5th grade I remember going to the music instrument shop because I was going to be in  band. I remember walking in and Momma and Daddy asking me what instrument I wanted to play. All I could think about was Rindy Ross and the sound of that Saxophone. When I pointed to the Sax Momma said, "Uhh, that thing is bigger than YOU!! No!" LOL! In truth she was right, and I ended up walking out with a new shiny silver Emerson Flute. 

Years later one of my band directors in high school had us select a different instrument than our own to learn something very simple and basic on. His reasoning was that we would need to learn multiple instruments if we would make a career in music, whether it be teaching or whatever. I was given a clarinet (meh!). But its a reed instrument, and I learned very quickly that I didn't care for reed instruments. My Momma had chosen wisely for me all that long time ago, whether she knew it or not. I played flute for years and years, and met people that I am still friends with today. Made lifelong friendships! But I always go back to Rindy and her magical Saxophone.

When I got a little older I would find popular artists who would incorporate flute into their music... The Beatles, Heart, The incredible Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull!!! I could spend hours in my parents living room listening to these songs over and over again with my flute and playing them over and over again by ear. My favorite thing to do. Getting that tone and inflection just right as the artist did was so much fun for me. Ann Wilson on a flute = My hero!

Anyways, back to Quarterflash here is Harden My Heart and Rindy Ross!!!

And Live, because its always cool to see someone play!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boston - More than a Feeling

I remember this song so fondly because I can remember my Dad putting it on the record player at our old house on Germain Road in Richmond and cranking up the volume to where it would fill the whole living room and surround me. It seemed like the  electric guitars were all around me. Even back then we had a pretty decent stereo system and speakers hanging from the ceiling with good ole Macrame (haha). It was always a treat when Mom and Dad would play music.

Once I got into MTV and saw videos of these guys playing I always thought the reason Dad liked them was cause they had hair just like his... maybe somewhat misguided, but hey who knows why we think what we think when young,

I still love listening to this LOUD.... and most of the rest of this Album too! It really a great one! You could definitely hear this one coming out of my car on a Friday afternoon! lol

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Here Comes the Sun

My Mom died June 1st. at 2:06 AM in the morning. I wont ever forget that moment. I was there. It was so hard to do, and yet, I wanted to be there. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Over the past year or two, she would fuss at me for staying too late when she was at the hospital, and I would just tell her, "You did it for me, why wouldn't I do it for you?!" And she knew what I meant. When I was born, I was 30 days premature. She spent the first month of my life going back and forth to the hospital to take care of me, a preemie. She would tell me how small I was, that she could hold me in the palm of her hand, and she was there every single day for me. A Mothers love!!!

My Dad asked me if there was a song I thought that would be good for Moms funeral. Instantly this song popped into my head. The night I stayed with her before she passed away, I grappled with what else I could do but sit there and wish I wasn't losing her. If there is one thing that Mom taught me from earlier than I can remember, it was music. My first post on this blog was about the songs she would play for me in our apartment, on a record player, The song I posted was 'Delta Dawn' but there were others. There in the hospital I decided to pull out my wireless headsets and play her some music. Of course the only logical thing to play for her would be 'The Beatles'. So I fired up Google Play, and put on the Beatles playlist, and put the headset on my Moms ears. I was obsessed that they were too loud, so I kept going to check. But the first song that played in the playlist, (and I played the whole playlist for her twice that night) was this song. I don't pretend to know what heaven is like, but I pray that she was greeted with the most beautiful sunrise ever!

Right after she passed away, I went to Jersey Mikes to pick up dinner for us on my way home from work. My Mom absolutely LOVED Jersey Mikes. Her favorite sandwich period. As I made it to the front of the line, Here Comes the Sun started playing in the store. Trying to explain why I was crying in the line at Jersey Mikes to the staff was rather interesting. A sign?! too coincidental not to be.

I had a dream about her last week. we didn't speak but she looked happy and healthy, and she hugged me. In the dream i remember I was worried that I wouldn't be able to feel the hug. But I could really feel it, when she hugged me. I like to think that was her way of letting me know she is still here every way she can be. I sure miss her :( . This is the most painful loss I have ever dealt with. And I have seen quite a bit. A friend told me that the feeling never goes away, you only learn to deal with how much it hurts. I'm trying.

My Uncle made me a beautiful stained glass to hang in my window. For the longest time I couldn't decide what I wanted the stained glass to be. Mom was there when I started trying to decide. She would call me and ask me, "Did you decide yet?!" And I would keep saying "no". I couldn't decide. I would go back and forth between Dogwood flowers, or a Treble Clef music staff kind of combo thing. But couldn't ever come up with a good design that I liked, and that I felt wouldn't be a PITA for my Uncle to do. After Moms funeral Uncle Dino sat me down and said, "Okay, before I leave we are coming up with a stained glass for you!" And again this song popped into my head. "A Sun", I said. And before we knew it we had the template and colors picked out. The glass turned out gorgeous! And it will hang in our sunniest window as a tribute to my Mom. I wish she could have seen what I picked, and know why. Maybe she does. I love it, its beautiful.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
It's all right, it's all right

Thursday, April 21, 2016

RIP Prince / The Ladder

If every we were talking about 'The day the music died', it would or could be today 4/21/2016. Just Heartbroken

The day Prince Rogers Nelson passed away. Hearts are breaking all over the world at the musical genius we just lost, and all of the music we will never know because he hadnt written it yet.

this post is hard to write because there are so few videos out there for me to honor him with. He kept that stuff locked down tight.

My favorite songs?? The list would be long and distinguished. But while everyone recognizes Purple Rain (and it is admittedly one of my all time favorite albums EVER. there were so many others!

The Ladder, Pop Life, The Beautiful Ones, Do Me Baby, Cream, 1999, U Got the Look, Sign O The Times, I Wanna Be Your Lover, And every single song on Purple Rain... Lets Go Crazy, Baby Im a Star, I Would Die 4 You, Darling Nikki, Purple Rain, Computer Blue.. all of it.

The one video Id love to put here I probably wouldnt be able to find... "The Ladder" or "Pop Life"

The Ladder

Once upon a time in the land of sinaplenty
There lived a king who didn't deserve 2 be
He knew not where he came from

Nor where he was going
He never once said thank u, never please

Now this king he had a subject named electra
Who loved him with a passion, uncontested
4 Him each day she had a smile
But it didn't matter
The king was looking 4 the ladder

Everybody's looking 4 the ladder
Everybody wants salvation of the soul
The steps u take are no easy road
But the reward is great
4 Those who want 2 go

A feeling of self-worth (everybody's looking)
Will caress u (for the answers)
The size of the whole wide world will decrease (how the story started)
(And how it will end)
The love of god's creation will undress u
And time spent alone my friend, will cease

Everybody's looking 4 the answers
How the story started and how it will end
What's the use in half a story, half a dream
U have 2 climb all of the steps in between (yeah, we ride)

Everybody's looking 4 the ladder
Everybody wants salvation of the soul
The steps u take are no easy road (the steps you take are no easy road)
(It's not that easy)
But the reward is great
4 Those who want 2 go (I do)

Everybody everybody's looking (everybody's looking 4 the answers)
For the answers
Everybody wants to know how the story (how the story started)
Started and how it will end (started and how it will end)
What's the use in half a story, (what's the use in half a story)
Half a dream (half of a dream)
U, u gotta climb, u gotta climb (u have 2 climb all)
All of the steps in between (the steps in between)

Everybody's looking 4 that ladder (everybody's looking 4 the ladder)
Everybody wants salvation of the soul (everybody wants salvation of the soul)
The steps u take are no easy road (the steps you take are no easy road)
(That's for sure)
But the reward is great (the reward is great)
4 Those who want 2 go, (4 those who want 2 go)
Those who want 2 go

Everybody everybody wants (everybody's looking 4 the answers)
An answer
Anyone who know how the story (how the story started)
Started, how it will end (started and how it will end)
Will it be lonely in the world (what's the use in half a story)
What's the use? (half of a dream)
(Have 2 climb all)
(The steps in between)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

My Mario passed away this week and try as I may, because he passed away in our home while our family was asleep, I couldnt find a song to identify with his passing. This might sound crazy but I should explain.

When Bailey's was sick I took him to the vet because I was hoping that they could make him better. But they couldnt. They had him for a full day but he was shutting down, and there was nothing to be done but say our goodbyes and put him to sleep. It was horrible, I felt so bad that he had to go that way, in a cold exam room. I sobbed and sobbed over him. With my poor brother in the waiting room with our kiddo. My husband by my side the whole time. I couldnt stop apologizing to Baileys that there was nothing I could do,and how sorry I was for this. The vet let us take our time as long as we needed to say our goodbyes. He was amazing even under these circumstances and I very much appreciate his thoughtfulness in that he stayed for us as long as we needed.

When I got in the car to go home after that experience this song was playing when the car started, and I just cried my eyes out. So much so that my kiddo said, "Mommy when are you going to stop crying?!" Inside? Probably never. I miss Bailey's, he was a mean little cuss but I miss him so much. But I had Mario to go home with (he was with us to understand that Bailey's was gone). And he became my little king! for 3 more years. I loved that little boy.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I noticed that Mario was breathing extremely hard, it was taking his whole body to breathe. He wasn't just panting hard. I took him to the vet because he was so labored. He saw the same vet who helped us with Bailey's. He took Xrays and explained that Marios heart was really big and he didn't have a nice strong heartbeat like before. He said Congestive Heart Failure, gave me medication and told me that best case scenario that should help for a while. But there wasn't any guarantee. Mario did great for about 2 weeks. Ate his food took his meds, and drank a lil more water. Then he stopped eating, and drinking. It degenerated from there. to where he couldn't stand. He had already been sleeping alot for a long time, but this was different, he would just lay down in odd positions in odd places. My heart was hurting for him.

The night he passed away, my husband didn't want to move him from the bed next to me. Hubby said he was comfortable and to leave him there (hubby is a saint, he took the couch over moving my 16 year old baby). We put pads under him and towels and he stayed next to me all night. I woke up several times in the night and he was still breathing heavy. We had already had our conversation, that it was ok to let go. I would miss him, but that I loved him with all my heart. To tell Bailey's I missed him and loved him, and to go play over the rainbow bridge. There wouldn't be anymore struggling to breathe, and that I would see him again one day. I fell asleep again after petting his head and telling him I loved him, and when I woke again at 5 in the morning he was gone.

But the house was silent. I am this person who associates music to everything. Songs I hear in passing take me back to times gone by that I might have forgotten until I hear it. I realized after a while that this song could be the song for both of my sweet boys. *tears* Because Mario passed in our home next to me, and maybe he felt Safe and Sound to let go where he was. I didn't want him to be alone, though I wish I had been awake to give him pets and love as he went on his way. I sure do miss him, and his doggy smile, his tip tap on the floor as he walked through the house, his barking at me to put him on the bed with me, his happy dance at dinner time. All of it.

My Mario

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Something Newish

If you haven't checked out Chris Stapletons CD you need to do so. I kept seeing him on award shows but hadnt really given it a proper listen. I dont get into Mainstream radio that much anymore, I listen to alot of 80'S and 90's on Sirius. And I havent been following country except for my go to artists, Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annie's, Blake Shelton, etc. So when I see Miranda pop up on an awards show with a Bedazzled Chris Stapleton Tshirt, Im like ok.. maybe I should see what this is all about.

I gotta tell ya, WOW! But dont take my word for it.

These are only a few songs. The whole cd is phenomenal. Give it a listen... Traveller.