Sunday, July 13, 2014


Raise your hands if you loved the show House MD!!! The opening theme was a small snippet taken from an amazing song called 'Teardrop' by the group Massive Attack.

I so loved this show! Hugh Laurie played the best @sshole! I still watch whenever it pops up on the Uverse guide. They chose this song for the opening because it opens with a bit of a base drum that sounds like a heartbeat. I don't think I looked into where the opening credit music came from until after the first season (you know that time, after they play the seasons last episode, and you are 'jonesin' to know what will happen in the fall?!) Yea so I started doing some digging and found out where that music came from.

This is the original video for the song 'Teardrop'. The video for the Massive Attack song is a bit odd and also very cool at the same time. But its the beat, and the music that are kind of mesmerizing. If you are curious about vocals, they were done by Elizabeth Fraser from the group Cocteau Twins. This is just another song I could listen to over and over again.

OK OK! Honorable mention for this video of 'Houseisms'. It's not music, but I just couldn't help it! this character was a snarky genius!!!! I admire that! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I love this stuff!

Im torn about what song to post today, and I missed yesterday, so I think Ill post 2.

Song 1. Sarah Brightman - Deliver me. My husband introduced me to Sarah Brightmans music. I was sucked in right away! I love everything about her voice and the music. Her music style is all over the place, which is probably another reason why I like her so much. If you have never heard her music, check her out. You will not be disappointed.

The video is part of her Eden DVD and some of the most beautiful work and sound I have ever heard/seen. She recorded it on concert with a full choir and orchestra. And like most everything Sara does it is just beautiful.

I also loved it in this video:

Song 2. Enigma - Sadness Part 1 - Im pretty sure this whole album MCMXC A.D., should be in everyones life soundtrack at one point or another, at least in my generation :). I was introduced to this music by a friend. And It instantly became a favorite. And has remained that way ever since.

There is actually a correlation between Enigma and Sarah Brightman as she dated and worked with Enigma Producer Frank Peterson. The influence is there. I can hear it anyways.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

And IIIIIII want to Thank You!

So, admittedly, the first time I heard this song it was just a hook in Eminem's song 'Stan'. I was so taken with the hook that I was driven to find out what it was. Which is how i found out about Dido. And at the same time, my friend (at the time) Brian was doing the EXACT same thing I was.... he sent me a link to Dido's Video for Thank you, and I was like, "WAIT HOW DID YOU KNOW!?" We compared stories and found out that we both fell into the hook and the song at the exact same time unbeknownst to us. WOW who does that!? Thank You, kinda became our song as we started dating. Now we are married with a kiddo. But everytime we hear this song we stop and look at each other. Just the first few beats always take me back to my desk at Hamilton Beach and playing this song over and over again. And my co-workers saying, "ohh God can you please just STOP!" lol! I wonder if they still hear this song and groan. =).

As I was reading my friend Raz's tribute post to The Outfield yesterday and the song that was his and his wifes, it immediately made me think of this song. So I post it second behind the first song I remember being in my life. =) Thank you!

And honestly, how could I not include the original song with the hook, that I will never forget?! Eminem and 'Stan'

Thats all for now :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A beginning

So, a friend posted on Facebook about a band that he and his wife listened to and loved, 'The Outfield' and that one of the band members passed away (RIP John Spinks). I got to thinking about how we all have a soundtrack to our lives. And how certain songs can totally bring back vivid memories for me, sparking wonderful times gone past as if it was just yesterday!

So what song do I start with!? Of all the songs that I could put here that left an imprint on my heart?! I think I will start with probably the first song I can remember having a love for. It was one my Mom played for me, I was really young. We might have even still been living in Roanoke, and since it was released in 1972, its a pretty good bet that we were. and it was definitely a 45 record. :) Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn