Sunday, July 13, 2014


Raise your hands if you loved the show House MD!!! The opening theme was a small snippet taken from an amazing song called 'Teardrop' by the group Massive Attack.

I so loved this show! Hugh Laurie played the best @sshole! I still watch whenever it pops up on the Uverse guide. They chose this song for the opening because it opens with a bit of a base drum that sounds like a heartbeat. I don't think I looked into where the opening credit music came from until after the first season (you know that time, after they play the seasons last episode, and you are 'jonesin' to know what will happen in the fall?!) Yea so I started doing some digging and found out where that music came from.

This is the original video for the song 'Teardrop'. The video for the Massive Attack song is a bit odd and also very cool at the same time. But its the beat, and the music that are kind of mesmerizing. If you are curious about vocals, they were done by Elizabeth Fraser from the group Cocteau Twins. This is just another song I could listen to over and over again.

OK OK! Honorable mention for this video of 'Houseisms'. It's not music, but I just couldn't help it! this character was a snarky genius!!!! I admire that! :)

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