Saturday, July 12, 2014

I love this stuff!

Im torn about what song to post today, and I missed yesterday, so I think Ill post 2.

Song 1. Sarah Brightman - Deliver me. My husband introduced me to Sarah Brightmans music. I was sucked in right away! I love everything about her voice and the music. Her music style is all over the place, which is probably another reason why I like her so much. If you have never heard her music, check her out. You will not be disappointed.

The video is part of her Eden DVD and some of the most beautiful work and sound I have ever heard/seen. She recorded it on concert with a full choir and orchestra. And like most everything Sara does it is just beautiful.

I also loved it in this video:

Song 2. Enigma - Sadness Part 1 - Im pretty sure this whole album MCMXC A.D., should be in everyones life soundtrack at one point or another, at least in my generation :). I was introduced to this music by a friend. And It instantly became a favorite. And has remained that way ever since.

There is actually a correlation between Enigma and Sarah Brightman as she dated and worked with Enigma Producer Frank Peterson. The influence is there. I can hear it anyways.

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