Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A beginning

So, a friend posted on Facebook about a band that he and his wife listened to and loved, 'The Outfield' and that one of the band members passed away (RIP John Spinks). I got to thinking about how we all have a soundtrack to our lives. And how certain songs can totally bring back vivid memories for me, sparking wonderful times gone past as if it was just yesterday!

So what song do I start with!? Of all the songs that I could put here that left an imprint on my heart?! I think I will start with probably the first song I can remember having a love for. It was one my Mom played for me, I was really young. We might have even still been living in Roanoke, and since it was released in 1972, its a pretty good bet that we were. and it was definitely a 45 record. :) Helen Reddy - Delta Dawn

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