Sunday, October 2, 2016

Echo and the Bunnymen - People Are Strange

OMG! Its fall YALL!! and only 12 days until I see Echo and the Bunnymen in Concert! <3 YAAAY! 

This girl is excited as that is a bucket list entry for me I never thought Id get to check off. They don't tour often. And since its fall, and Halloween is almost here, and all things creepy are now in season, I'm posting People Are Strange. The Echo version. Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE The Doors. But there is something about Echo and the Bunnymen and this song, and The Lost Boys movie... and and and. 

I just love it. The video is grainy. But the sound is badassery (my word.. dont even try to steal it lol).

 The funny thing about my love for Echo and the Bunnymen is that I started listening to them in high school. My friend Sharon showed me their self titled LP. I fell in love, and for YEARS (meaning until just last week, that was really the only Echo album I EVER listened too.

So when we got tickets a few months ago, I got to wondering what they were going to play when we see them in concert. When I looked at their setlist I realized I was in a little bit of trouble! as they don't really play much music from that LP (LOL!) So I used the setlist to devise a playlist, and now I realize that I love even MORE of their music now than I did back then <3. Takes me a while to catch up! lol! 

According to their setlist for this tour, they aren't doing this song. Which is not going to sit well with my hubby. As he loves this one. DOH!

* Goes off to watch Lost Boys, to the horror of her impressionable 9 year old* hahahaha!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that you get to go. I've seen them twice now and they play a great show. I have continued to follow their music over the years and really enjoyed their newer music. "In the Margins" is one of my favorites.

    I love this version of People Are Strange.

  2. Now that you say that I remember I did buy their latest album. I liked it too! :D Thanks for the reminder.