Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quarterflash - Harden My Heart

When I was pretty young my Momma had a crate full of albums (vinyl). Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Pure Prairie League, Bad Company, Roxy Music, The Beatles, and this one, Quarterflash.

I loved listening to Rindy Ross play Saxaphone on 'Harden My Heart'. We would turn it up loud and it would always sound so awesome. When I started 5th grade I remember going to the music instrument shop because I was going to be in  band. I remember walking in and Momma and Daddy asking me what instrument I wanted to play. All I could think about was Rindy Ross and the sound of that Saxophone. When I pointed to the Sax Momma said, "Uhh, that thing is bigger than YOU!! No!" LOL! In truth she was right, and I ended up walking out with a new shiny silver Emerson Flute. 

Years later one of my band directors in high school had us select a different instrument than our own to learn something very simple and basic on. His reasoning was that we would need to learn multiple instruments if we would make a career in music, whether it be teaching or whatever. I was given a clarinet (meh!). But its a reed instrument, and I learned very quickly that I didn't care for reed instruments. My Momma had chosen wisely for me all that long time ago, whether she knew it or not. I played flute for years and years, and met people that I am still friends with today. Made lifelong friendships! But I always go back to Rindy and her magical Saxophone.

When I got a little older I would find popular artists who would incorporate flute into their music... The Beatles, Heart, The incredible Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull!!! I could spend hours in my parents living room listening to these songs over and over again with my flute and playing them over and over again by ear. My favorite thing to do. Getting that tone and inflection just right as the artist did was so much fun for me. Ann Wilson on a flute = My hero!

Anyways, back to Quarterflash here is Harden My Heart and Rindy Ross!!!

And Live, because its always cool to see someone play!

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