Thursday, July 14, 2016

Boston - More than a Feeling

I remember this song so fondly because I can remember my Dad putting it on the record player at our old house on Germain Road in Richmond and cranking up the volume to where it would fill the whole living room and surround me. It seemed like the  electric guitars were all around me. Even back then we had a pretty decent stereo system and speakers hanging from the ceiling with good ole Macrame (haha). It was always a treat when Mom and Dad would play music.

Once I got into MTV and saw videos of these guys playing I always thought the reason Dad liked them was cause they had hair just like his... maybe somewhat misguided, but hey who knows why we think what we think when young,

I still love listening to this LOUD.... and most of the rest of this Album too! It really a great one! You could definitely hear this one coming out of my car on a Friday afternoon! lol

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