Friday, September 23, 2016

Jethro Tull - Ian Anderson - My Hero - Thick as a Brick

So last night my kiddo saw a piece of sheet music sitting on our piano. Pachabel's Cannon in D. He asked me if I knew how to play it on the piano, and I don't. I never was able to pick up the piano. though I wish I could have. But I told him I could play it on Flute. Which he of course wanted me to do right then (you know how everything is way more interesting at bed time :D  ). So I went and got my flute and played a bit of it for him. I haven't played in a few years seriously. But I can still play. When I pick it up it feels like an old best friend in my hands. Probably the worst of it is remembering to cover the holes in the open keys and not have lazy fingers.

Kiddo is interested in flute. I told him to learn to blow air over a Coca Cola bottle and then we can talk. That was how my first Band Teacher, Mr. Nelson Lawson, weeded out the seriously interested from the ones who weren't going to work hard. Saved some parents a lot of money too. Don't even get an instrument until we mastered this task.

Taking the Gemeinhardt out last night really took me back to playing by ear in my parents living room to the albums that had rock artists with flute instrumentation on them. Heart, The Beatles, Jethro Tull. This was a favorite past time of mine. I felt more comfortable playing by ear, still do. I can read music but its not my strong suit and especially not sight reading. I need to hear it as I read it, at least once, and then I have no problems.

I remember once, my friend and I (all names omitted to protect the guilty! hehe) really wanted to get into area band. but I knew I would never be able to  ace the sight reading piece, so I needed to nail the rehearsed piece to even have a chance.  So, my friend and I took the rehearsed piece to a lady around the corner from me who was an accomplished flutist, and had her play it while we recorded her. We ran gleefully back to my house with our tape recorder and played it over and over and read along until we had it PERFECTLY! I don't even remember what seats we got but all i do remember is that we chaired! It was one of my first experiences in a big band (the other being the Olympic trials I posted about). Chairing was thrilling. And I couldn't believe my little scheme with the tape recorder worked. I don't really know if that's cheating or not.

That brings me to my original reason for posting. Jethro Tull. Ian Anderson. My hero lol. One of my all time favorite songs to play, Thick as a Brick. The flute solo is easy going and lilting. Not like Aqualung. I cant talk and play at the same time hahahaha! Aspirations I guess lol!

When I was playing Pachabel for my kiddo I thought of this song for some reason, and knew I needed to come and listen to it. So while listening I thought I would also post.

Jethro Tull <3 The amazing showman Ian Anderson - 'Thick as a brick'

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