Friday, December 19, 2014

Toto - Africa

Elementary School again, this song reminds me of 5207 Germain Road, in Richmond VA. and riding my bike around with my friends Michael and Kataka. Or going to hang out at my friend Lori's house. Her Dad always had western movies going in the living room (another nostalgia thing). Or Playing with my old dog Boragard in the back yard. Spinning in the wicker swings on the back patio, rollerskating on our back patio. My first stereo my Mom and Dad gave me, it popped with static when I turned it on to listen to the radio. But I loved that stereo, it helped fuel my love for music. They would let me listen to it as I went to sleep, and they would always come in and switch it off as they went to bed. It had a record player, and i would listen to records that i had, or sometimes even the ones Mom and Dad had.

I have been by that house in recent years, when going home to visit. The neighborhood and house and everything around looks so much smaller. Back then it all seemed so big. Funny how our perspective changes as we get older. But the feelings stay the same.

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